Global Art

Creativity in detail

How do we put kids on the course to creativity? You’ll see when you acquaint yourself a little better with the course details.


The globalart Programme in India caters to children in the age group of 4 -15 years. globalart has a carefully designed curriculum that allows children to participate and learn progressively, introducing them to various themes, composition techniques and media. The programme sets creative challenges and encourages children to think 'out-of-the-box'.

In an increasingly competitive world, strong creative ability is what will differentiate the winners in all walks of life. Our emphasis on unique creations by every child helps build and develop strong creative thinking skills, which will help them succeed in their future. globalart also lays the foundation for a wide variety of professions such as advertising, animation, architecture, computer graphics, innovation and product packaging, interior and fashion designing, etc.

The programme has 16 levels spread across 5 courses.

Globalart Junior : 4 - 5 years

Comprises of 3 levels
Uses various interactive methods to ensure learning in a fun filled environment.

Junior 1 ,2 & 3
  • Innovative and interesting art & craft projects along with a series of enjoyable learning activities like storytelling, puzzles and songs.
  • Builds a sound base for the Foundation Course
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Foundation Course: 5 - 7 years

Comprises of 4 levels
Elementary concepts of drawing & colouring

Level 1 & 2
  • Basics of drawing & colouring.
  • Easy exercises like connecting dots, cut & paste, completing drawings.
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Level 3 & 4
  • Level of complexity involved is higher.
  • Creativity is encouraged although some guidelines are still given.
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Basic Course: above 7 years

Comprises of 3 levels
Focuses on the development of ideas, basic composition, drawing through shapes and references.

Level 1
  • Basic skills of drawing, background creation and colouring.
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Level 2
  • Hones the drawing and colouring skills of students and raises the bar.
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Level 3
  • Students are taught the ability to imagine and depict an action sequence.
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Intermediate Course: Post Basic Course

Comprises of 3 levels
Increases the complexity of ideas & their development and focuses on varied & detailed composition.

Level 4
  • Focuses on the basics of drawing human forms and movements.
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Level 5 & 6
  • Students are taught to draw various scenes & pictures which involve multiple subjects e.g., a market scene.
  • Use of mixed media in colouring.
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Advanced Levels: Post Intermediate Course

Comprises of 3 levels

Drawing & Sketching
  • Drawing through observation / references & basic pencil shading techniques are taught.
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  • A composite knowledge of painting is imparted.
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  • Introduction to development of ideas.
  • Advanced composition, creation of posters & illustrations.
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