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More than just drawing classes for kids. A creative space for innovators.

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    Globalart is a unique creative art and drawing program for kids. The well-researched curriculum with a structured step-by-step training methodology through art classes for kids that helps them explore their ideas, express them and create independently.

    Using their inherent love for drawing and colouring, Globalart’s after school activity trains children to be more creative and builds the foundation for them to be the innovators of tomorrow. This programme offers drawing classes for kids as an extracurricular activity where kids will be able to navigate successfully in an increasingly competitive world.

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    Course Details

    What does the Globalart programme offer?

    The after school activity caters to children in the age group of 5-15 with a carefully designed curriculum that encourages children to learn progressively. The drawing program for kids introduces children to various themes, composition techniques and media.

    The extracurricular activity has 13 levels that are spread across 4 courses.

    Foundation Course (5-7 years)

    Comprises of 4 levels that focuses on elementary concepts of drawing & colouring

    Level 1-4

    The first four levels teach them the basics of drawing & colouring as well as easy exercises like connecting the dots, cut & paste and completing drawings.

    Basic Course (above 8 years)

    Comprises of 3 levels that focuses on the development of ideas, basic composition, drawing through shapes and references.

    Level 5

    They are taught the basic skills of drawing, background creation and colouring.

    Level 6

    This level focuses on refining the students’ drawing and colouring skills.

    Level 7

    Students are taught the ability to imagine and depict an action sequence.

    Intermediate Course
    (Post Basic Course)

    Comprises of 3 levels that increases the complexity of ideas & their development, and focuses on varied & detailed composition.

    Level 8

    At this level, they are made to focus on the basics of drawing human forms and movements.

    Level 9 & 10

    Students are taught to draw various scenes which involve multiple subjects like a market scene. They are also taught to use mixed media in colouring.

    Advanced Levels
    (Post Intermediate Course)

    Level 11

    The focus is on drawing & sketching, which is done through observation as well as basic pencil shading techniques.

    Level 12

    At this level, the focus is on providing them with a composite knowledge of painting.

    Level 13

    At the final level, their focus is on illustrations. With an introduction to the development of ideas, they are also taught advanced composition along with creation of posters.

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